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 The Indlovu Drive is proud to support www.motivation.org.uk
Motivation's vision statement: Motivation has a vision of a world freed of today's obstacles to disabled people's full enjoyment of their abilities, rights and ambitions.
Motivation's mission statement:
To enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities
- The United Nations Statistical Office estimates there are 20 million people in the world who need a wheelchair but don’t have one.
- The World Health Organisation estimate that the average life expectancy of a paraplegic in a developing country is between 2-3 years. In the UK life expectancy for a paraplegic is normal.
- The World Health Organisation suggest that between 20-40 people per million of the population will sustain a spinal cord injury in one year, many of whom will require the use of a wheelchair
- Scope suggest that 1 in 400 people worldwide have cerebral palsy.
- The Mines Advisory Group suggest that 26,000 people are killed or maimed by land mines each year.
Many of the above statistics are dramatically increased in areas of current or recent armed conflict, which continue to plague the world.
A huge demand is being placed at Motivation’s door. However, following our vision and looking into the future, the ultimate goal is to reach a point where there is no longer a need for Motivation to exist as we have helped local partners throughout the world to build their capacity to a point where they can independently meet the needs of their local communities.

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"We hope to include our motivation, planning and the journey itself as this project grows from fledgling pub-talk to fulfilment of an impossible dream. Richard broke his neck playing rugby in 1986 and is dependent upon a Trekinetic off-road wheelchair and crutches for mobility, but recent advances in self care (Peristeen) and the import of the incredible Azalai Land Rover Camper conversion make the adventure possible.
Read more here....
All that’s needed now is our commitment and belief – and quite probably a little luck and goodwill!” RicH and Rachel


(Above Michael Palin, President of the RGS)

Rachel and Richard are lucky enough to meet lots of helpful people at the Royal Geographical Society's Explore 2010 event in Kensington. If you have an interest in the World around us then please do consider joining this great society. See blog for update

The Indlovu Drive 2011

Trans-Africa Expedition

Welcome to www.harris.gb.net, the website and BLOG of disabled traveller, Richard Harris and the account of his journey across Africa overland.

About our logo: the wheel links with www.motivation.org.uk the splendid and apt charity which we are supporting - Please take some time to check out their site

Why the Bull and Cow Elephants? The Carruthers Guide to 'The Wildlife of Southern Africa' says of Loxodonta Africana (Indlovu Zulu)
"....Rough grey skin, often coloured by dust or mud.. Complex social life. Drinks daily if possible." 'Nuff said - if you Overland you'll understand.
Thanks to David Squibb and all at Kinetsu World Express for getting us through the outward shipping. Thanks to Shaun Pillay in the Durban Office for sorting us out at the other end.
Thanks to Hayes Opticians - it was great to see you guys and thanks for your support.